Competent Persons Development ProgramCoombes Capability is offering a unique opportunity to gain an comprehensive understanding of the reporting frameworks and regime to enable you to confidently and competently report Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and/or Ore Reserves/Mineral Reserves for public Reporting Codes for the major stock exchanges.

The purpose of this program is to prepare mining professionals who are informed, capable and confident, and have the requisite reasoning to provide guidance for public reporting.  This course goes beyond merely informing and instead produces mining professionals who are recognised for their capability to provide a high level of competency in reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and/or Ore Reserves when providing guidance to corporate decision makers and investors 

This program is different to any other available course on reporting codes because it is based on findings from a doctoral research.  The format of the course is a combination of lectures, discussion groups, analyses and, importantly, includes an exam.  The purpose is to educate mining professionals to provide a high level of critique and constructive guidance, and to recognise those with the capability to do so.

Who should participate:

  • Mining industry professionals providing guidance for public reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and/or Ore Reserves/Mineral Reserves who seek confidence in and recognition of their capability to act as Competent Persons under the suite of international reporting codes. 
  • Mining Professionals who are still developing their capability and confidence are also encouraged to attend as part of their ongoing professional development and understanding of the business of mining.

Program outline: The program comprises tailored one-on-one discussions and activities, followed by an examination.

The progam covers the JORC Code, SAMREC code, NI43-101, PERC and NAEN.  The reporting frameworks and systems are covered for securities exchanges in Australia/New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom/Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Topics include:

  • Reporting Conventions
  • Reporting Frameworks and Expectations
  • International Reporting Systems
  • CRIRSCO and the JORC Code, SAMREC, NI43-101, PERC and NAEN Codes
  • Professional Ethics and Principles
  • Technical Expertise (experiences, analyses and critique ability)
  • Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resource and Ore (Reserves or Mineral Reserves
  • Competency Development - Person Factors
  • Competency Development - Company Factors
  • Critique and Sanctioning

The education and training process is designed to develop critical competency reasoning that is necessary and expected by corporate decision makers and investors, in keeping with Coombes' doctoral research findings.

Examination: An exam is held when the candidate has completed the development program.  There are two possible outcomes of the exam:

1. Certificate of Assessment that demonstrates a examplary level of comprehension to verify your knowledge, skills and reasoning in reporting as a Competent Persons under the global reporting codes, or

2. A constructive Professional Development Report providing recommendations for further professionals emerging on the development curve.

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